Day 2: Hebrews 2:1-9

Read: Hebrews 2:1-9 again.


  • Verse 2 begins with the word “for” in the NIV. What does this word suggest about the function of verse 2 in this paragraph?
  • The last paragraph of Hebrews 1 was about angels. What does verse 2 here in chapter 2 tell us about the authority of angels as God’s messengers?
  • Verse 3 makes a comparison from the lesser (angels, verse 2) to something greater. What is the “message spoken by angels” in verse 2 compared to in verse 3?
  • Verse 3 asks us a question which requires us to come to a conclusion. What is the conclusion we should reach based on the question in verse 3a?
  • The second half of verse 3 and verse 4 tell us a number of ways in which our understanding of “this salvation” was communicated by God. Make a list of all the ways you see. For instance, “This salvation:
    • ...was announced by the Lord