Day 21: Hebrews 6:4-12

Read: Hebrews 6:4-12 again.


  • This passage we have been studying is probably the most difficult passage in the book of Hebrews to interpret. Verses 4-6 issue a strong warning against falling away from Christ. Unlike other passages in the New Testament, however, the warning is not just to those who profess Christ without really trusting him. Instead, the description of verses 4-5 sound very much like a genuine believer. If the person described in these verses really was a believer, then this passage teaches that he or she has permanently, irrevocably lost his or her salvation. 
  • Some have interpreted this passage to say that believers can lose their salvation. Others have suggested that this is stating a hypothetical not an actual situation such as, “If it were possible to lose your salvation, you couldn’t be saved again ever.” A third interpretation is that the person described in verses 4-6 had an experience that seemed very much like genuine salvation but falling away from Christ shows that they did not have “the things that have to do with salvation” (v. 9). Which of these interpretations seems correct to you?