Day 2: Hebrews 7:11-28

Read: Hebrews 7:11-28 again.


  • This section is a tightly wound argument that would take a long time to unwind. The most fruitful place for us to spend our Bible study time is in verses 24-28, so I will help move you through verses 11-23 quickly. 
  • Verse 11 is a rhetorical question. The word “perfection” refers to the people under the Levitical priesthood so the question is whether or not the Levitical priesthood can make them perfect. According to verse 11, can it make people perfect? Yes or no?
  • Verses 12-17 tells us that Christ was not qualified to be a Levitical priest. Answer these two questions about verses 12-17:
    1. Why wasn’t Christ qualified?
    2. What did God do about Christ not being qualified?
  • According to verse 18, why did God change the law to make Christ qualified to be priest?
  • According to verses 20-22, what did God do to guarantee that Christ would be a better priest than the Levite priests?