Immaculate Conception

Sunday's message focused on the virgin birth of Christ. I mentioned in that message that the theological term "virgin birth" is less precise than saying the "virgin conception." I also mentioned that the virgin birth (conception) is different than the "immaculate conception." The immaculate conception is a Catholic false doctrine with no scriptural basis. I got enough questions after the message about this that I thought I would post a short quote to give you some more information. Note that "the Church" in this article refers to the Roman Catholic Church: 

“The Church teaches that for Mary to be ‘a fit habitation for Christ’ God decided to preserve her from the defilement of Adam’s sin. In 1854 the Church formally defined this doctrine, known as Mary’s Immaculate Conception…. Note that the Immaculate Conception refers to Mary’s conception, not to Christ’s conception or to the virgin birth. She, says the Church, was created without a sin nature and was ‘ever absolutely free of all stain of sin, all fair and perfect,’ remaining ‘free of every personal sin her whole life long.’ Her holy innocence and sanctity are so excellent that ‘one cannot even imagine anything greater, and which, outside of God, no mind can succeed in comprehending fully.’”
James G. McCarthy, The Gospel According to Rome, pp. 186-87

As Protestants who seek to be biblical in our doctrine, we do not believe the Immaculate Conception is true. This Wikipedia article has even more helpful information: The Immaculate Conception.

Finally, the Immaculate Reception is a third thing entirely. See that here: