66 in 16: Prepare for Success

In a few hours, 2016 will be here and so will our new Bible reading schedule. 

If you've tried to read through the Bible in a year before and failed, what is going to make the difference this time?

  • Maybe having each day's reading emailed to you will make the difference.
  • Maybe having a bit of commentary from me will make the difference.
  • Maybe having a community of others who are also reading and commenting will make the difference.

One thing that will be essential, however, is habit. I read recently that 40% of what we do each day is determined by our habits. You probably have a set of habits around waking up and getting ready for your day. That is, you get up around the same time each morning and do the same tasks in the same order each day. This is how you never forget to brush your teeth or take a daily shower or whatever. 

If you want to read the Bible everyday in 2016, you need to develop a habit that supports Bible reading. Having a daily schedule of what to read is part of building that habit. So is subscribing to this email list. But, have you figured out when you're going to read these chapters each day? Are you going to get up earlier and read them in the morning or are you going to cut out an hour of TV at night and read them before bed? Do you have a place set aside where you can read without being distracted by your spouse and/or kids? 

If you are establishing a morning Bible reading habit, what time do you need to establish as your bedtime to make it possible to get out of bed earlier? Are you going to put your Bible next to your bed or leave it near the chair where you expect to read in the morning? 

The less thinking you have to do, the more likely you are to stick with a daily Bible reading schedule. Think today about how you can make it as easy as possible to complete these daily readings in the year ahead. Then, follow the same routine everyday until you form the habit.

Happy new year and I'll talk to you tomorrow when we start. Hope you're excited! I am.

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