Day 6: Hebrews 10:26-39

Read: Hebrews 10:26-39 again


  • Verse 36 told us to persevere in order to “receive what he has promised”. Verse 37 gives us some motivation to persevere by alluding to Isaiah 26:20 and Habakkuk 2:3. According to these verses, when will those who persevere “receive what he has promised”?
  • Verse 38 quotes from Habakkuk 2:4 (in the Septuagint) and contrasts two types of people. Who are they?
  1. The “__________ one will live by __________”
  2. the “one who __________ __________.”
  • Verse 39 concludes this paragraph. According to verse 39, of the two types of people described in verse 38, to which type does the author of Hebrews believe his readers belong?