Genesis 24, Matthew 23, Nehemiah 13, Acts 23

If you’re following the schedule, you should read these chapters today: Genesis 24, Matthew 23, Nehemiah 13, Acts 23. Click on any of those references to see all the passages in one long page on BibleGateway. If you can't do all the readings today, read Matthew 23 and Nehemiah 13. 

In chapter 23 of his gospel, Matthew recorded a blistering series of speeches Christ made against the Pharisees and the teachers of the law. Then, in Nehemiah 13, we read about how Nehemiah rebuked people for disobeying God’s law, even using physical violence (v. 25). Nehemiah was so convinced of the righteousness of what he was doing that he twice asked God to remember him with favor due to his enforcement of God's laws (vv. 22, 29). 

What do you think the difference is between the legalism of the Pharisees that Jesus condemned in Matthew 23 and the enforcement of God’s laws in Nehemiah's time? Post your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook page. And, feel free to answer and interact with the questions and comments of others. Have a great day; we'll talk scripture again tomorrow.