Psalms 57-59

Happy Mother’s Day! Today we’re scheduled to read Psalms 57-59.

In today’s Psalms we see clearly that David suffered from fear. Although he was a mighty warrior who bravely faced Israel’s enemies, he continually cried out to God for mercy and protection from them (for example, 57:1-2).

We don’t face physical enemies and armies as David did, but there are many times in life when we struggle with fear. Let these Psalms give you comfort when you are afraid; pray these words aloud to the Lord, telling him how much you need him and how you are trusting him through the trials and problems he allows into your life.

Also remember that David prayed and fought. He did not see his fighting as a contradiction to his praying. Instead, he trusted that God would use him as he fought the battles he faced and that his answers to prayer would come through his own sword and Israel’s armies. The lesson here is that wise human action is not incompatible with faith or with trusting God in prayer. So as you pray for God’s comfort and help with the problems in your life, be diligent about addressing those problems in how you act because you believe that the Lord will help you through them.