NT17 Bible Reading & Devotional

Develop or strengthen your Bible reading habit! Sign up to read through the New Testament (and Psalms and Proverbs) with Pastor Brian. Here's an overview of this plan:

  • Weekdays: We'll read through the New Testament, but not straight through from Matthew through Revelation. Instead, we'll read one of the four gospels at the beginning of each quarter then intersperse the other New Testament books throughout the year. Confused? You can see the whole year's schedule here. There will be only 1 chapter to read each day, so this will be easier to keep up with than 66 in 16 was. I will write a devotional for each weekday based on something in the chapter we've read. 
  • Saturday: We'll read through the Proverbs on Saturday. There are 31 chapters in Proverbs, so this will be less than one chapter each Saturday. I may or may not write a devotional depending on what we've read for that day.
  • Sunday: We'll read through the Psalms on Sunday. There are 150 Psalms, so we'll read 2-3 Psalms each Sunday on average. Again, I may or may not write a devotional based on that day's Psalm.

There are four ways you can access this material:

1. Sign up on this form. After you confirm that you want these emails, you will receive the devotional and a link to the passage for that day in your email every day.

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2. Come to our website everyday here: http://calvary-bible.org/blog. Everything I email out will be posted there too.

3. Visit our Facebook page at http://facebook.com/calvarybiblechurch

4. Download this sheet and use it to keep track of your daily reading. You'll be on the same schedule as everyone else, but you will not receive my daily devotional.

The schedule starts on January 1 of course, so sign up soon to make sure you get in on this.