This series starts on October 1, 2017


The series is titled, "How to Talk So that God Will Listen: A Look at Prayer that Will Actually Make You Want to Pray." It is a study of prayer based on the instruction given by Jesus Christ in the gospels, mainly the Gospel According to Luke

Many of us think of prayer is something to feel guilty about not doing. At the same time, we are repulsed when we think about doing it. It feels more like a chore that has to be done—like making small talk with your boss’s mother at a company party—than a deeply meaningful, personal time to worship the Lord, unburden your heart, and serve others by speaking to God on their behalf. It also seems unproductive—a waste of time—because we don’t believe that God answers prayer anyway. At least, not very often.

Jesus wanted us to feel very differently about prayer than that. He taught his disciples about prayer as if it were something that people should want to do. A big part of wanting to prayer is understanding what Christ taught--and did not teach--about prayer.

Starting on Sunday, October 1, Pastor Brian will begin teaching what Jesus taught about prayer. This is a series that could change your life because it will teach you how to get in touch with the living God. Please join us for this important series.

If you’re joining us for the first time, our Sunday service starts at 10 a.m. and is designed to help you find, feel, and follow God through His Word, the Bible.

Our church building is located on Carpenter Road, just south of Bemis. You can find directions right here.

Here are some recent messages in this series: