About Calvary Bible Church

Our Vision

We want to be a place where people come to find, feel, and follow God.
  • FIND God by faith as he's revealed himself in the Bible.
  • FEEL how great God is and how much he has done for us, but also the deep, solemn gravity of trusting the God who is Almighty and All-knowing. 
  • FOLLOW God by learning his word, walking with him daily in prayer, and living in obedience to his commands.

Our Mission

We exist to Call the people of Washtenaw County to worship the Lord Jesus Christ and Connect them together to serve Him.

Our Beliefs

Faith is central to church life. We become part of the church through personal faith in Jesus Christ. We learn and grow together as a church by studying and teaching "the faith"--the body of doctrine that all Christians believe.

Our Leaders

Calvary Bible Church is led by elders and staff. Find out who leads our church and what each person contributes to our ministry. 

Our Network

Calvary Bible Church believes in church planting and the value of sharing knowledge, encouragement and relationships with leaders of other local churches that share our doctrine and practice. Because of these beliefs, our elders have chosen to partner with FiveStone Churches as part of Calvary’s missions strategy.

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